If someone wants to do you good, run for your life.
Against Experts: Let Us Make Our Own MistakesListen now (32 min) | A human soul crumbles when it cannot guide it's own life
A reaction to some over reactions from my last post.
A history and analysis of the ways schooling harms children and our country - if only it were just a conspiracy theory.
Everyone has the ability to flourish and take on their share of responsibility.
Good citizens always make the society they live in, only bad citizens adapt themselves to fit the reality they inherit.
In a world where almost all decisions have been made for us beforehand - perhaps what we need is to do something the hard way and make our own decision…
Smart TV’s, Hitler, Experts, and OnlyFans - Just how real are the predictions of the World Economic Forum?
In the culture wars, federal agents want you afraid of your own neighbor, if they have you afraid they have you controlled.
A post about second thoughts, critiques, how wrong I’ve been and hope to be.
A deep dive into the CoVID-19 vaccine and potential alternatives
Tomorrow isn’t promised, and it certainly isn’t promised to be better than today.