Deep Dive - CoVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Safety and Alternatives

This post represents a new type of post I am tinkering with called a Deep Dive. I doubt I will email blast these out, as they will stand mostly as reference material for me and are likely to be used for later posts. Further they represent almost solely facts and figure gathered from other sources and as such almost none of my original or semi-original thoughts and interpretations. I highly prize other people’s time and do not want to foist upon them such a rough gathering of information – given we already live in a time of information deluge.

This deep dive is on the CoVID-19 Vaccine, and alternative treatments. Information here is pulled from a range of sources all primarily referred to in Bret Weinstein’s Dark Horse Podcast and on TrialSiteNews.

The original Dark Horse podcast on YouTube was taken down as of 6/19/21 but available still on BitChute (takes a few min to load) also via Apple Podcasts. The podcast featured the below guests:

Dr. Bret Weinstein – Evolutionary Biologist

Dr. Robert Malone: inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology/licensed physician

Steve Kirsch: entrepreneur who has been researching adverse reactions to COVID19 Vaccines – started COVID 19 early treatment fund to find repurposed drugs to treat COVID. Kirsch has a very detailed blog on TrialSiteNews link


Both Malone & Kirsch have been vaccinated with Moderna Vaccine (paraphrasing their words: “before they understood the real risks/saw the real data”)

Malone had long-COVID

Following the taking down of two Dark Horse vids, the one mentioned above and another on Ivermectin link with Dr. Pierre Kory, Weinstein and Kory went onto the Joe Rogan Experience to restate their claims link

Issues with drug design:

  • The drug design is defective: the genes/mRNA that code for the s1 (spike protein) does not stay local to injection site (deltoid muscle) – as all other vaccines are designed to do

  • FDA knew that it was not local (information gathered from FOIA request) but still pushed drug on market, because toxicity of the spike protein was not yet known link

  • Furthermore, the animal testing that was supposed to be done to ensure that the S1 protein does not roam freely through body was never done – this and other safety checks were rushed over rather than rushed through

  • No independent reporting system set up outside of VAERS to record negative reactions

  • Drug producers have no liability for adverse effects link

  • Vaccine is “leaky” or non-sterilizing meaning it still allows for virus to replicate in host, causing heightened selection pressures against spike protein antibodies and allowing for vaccine resistant escape mutations. link

    • E.g. Israel with over 80% of adults vaccinated  is having delta variant outbreaks link

Adverse effects:

  • We now know that the spike protein is both toxic (news link and original study link) and now travels throughout the body – biodistribution data shows extremely high concentration in the Ovaries followed by accumulation in bone marrow (link to original Japanese study w data, it is explained at length in podcast and on blog site)

    • This should lead to concerns around reproductive health and potential long-term risk of Leukemia and other blood defects – needs to be monitored

  • There have been at least 25k deaths due to vaccine (VAERS reports 5k) Kirsch’s research at CMS database shows at least 5x that number (ties out to CDC excess death data). This makes it >500X more deadly than the flu

  • COVID vaccines have generated more adverse reports in the last 6 months than all 70 vaccines over the past 30 years combined.

    • This is on the VAERS reporting system which tends to structurally underreport (as it is a voluntary reporting system) estimated 1-20% reporting rate link

  • For pregnant women there is an 82% miscarriage rate in first 20 weeks (10% is the normal rate) link

  • For teen boys 25x the normal instances of myocarditis (can lead to heart failure and death) link

  • Persistent reports of allergic reactions and neurological deficits including chronic pain, continual and disabling dizziness, generalized or localized neuromuscular weakness link

Alternative treatments:

  • Ivermectin:

    • Anti-parasitical treatment that has already been on market for 40 years with over 4bn doses administered globally (i.e. it is well understood and well-studied)

    • Non-toxic and no known adverse effects at doses that would be enough for prophylactic or treatment

    • A meta-analysis of 21 Random Controlled Trials and studies have ALL shown Ivermectin to be overwhelmingly effective in both preventing COVID infection reducing risk of infection by 86% and as a post infection treatment reducing the risk of death by an average of 68% link

    • Tied to rapid reductions in outbreaks in Mexico and other countries (link mentioned in JRE podcast link too)

    • Purposed mechanism(s) for action includes inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 replication within cells, binding to S1 protein on virus, and anti-inflammatory properties link

  • Fluvoxamine

    • It is an SSRI – worries about long term Serotonin Toxicity/Seratonin Syndrome? link (This is my own question, need to look into)

    • Shown to be 100% effective in protection from hospitalization and long-haul COVID in a quasi-randomized study link

      • The study was actually more conservative than randomized as sicker people opted to take drug

    • Assists in alleviating brain fog and long-COVID (need original link, cited from Kirsch article)

    • Combined death toll over past 50 years is less than 5 people (need original link, cited from Kirsch article)

  • No Vax:

    • Science Magazine finds that children already have natural immunity link

    • Cleveland Clinic study shows no need for those who have already been infected link

      • Additional study on T-Cell response of COVID Convalescent patients and general population link

    • A majority (90%) of adults already show antibody reactivity from SARS-CoV-2 link (my best guess: likely from previous exposure to other Coronaviruses – they all have spike proteins just in different forms link)


  • Facebook group of 200k individuals with adverse reactions to vaccine was taken down by site monitors

  • YouTube took down the original Dark Horse podcast talking about Ivermectin (BitChute link) and this discussion link

  • Hospital administrators refuse to administer Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine

    • They are not NIH approved for off-label use so the hospitals are liable for malpractice, versus no liability for NIH approved treatments

    • They are much cheaper than other approved treatments

      • Remdesivir (which costs $3k for a typical patient source) vs. 20 tablets of Ivermectin which costs ~$34 retail for 20 3mg tablets

      • Under the CARES act hospitals are allowed to charge a 20% premium for CoVID-19 treatment

      • Diff of $600 vs $7 per patient of profit

  • Merck, which produces an Ivermectin treatment, stated it was unsafe (despite studies) as they have partnered w J&J on their vaccine and have another EUA COVID-19 treatment in pipeline

  • Doctors who actively use Ivermectin with success are shunned or banned from mentioning link

  • JAMA publishes a study decrying Ivermectin link

    • But study design seems to underpower actual use of Ivermectin link

      • Population was skewed young and healthy (low risk patients) which doesn’t accurately represent treatment pool and will stunt noticeable results

      • Patients were treated for only 5 days, symptom resolution measured at 21 days????

      • Trial subjects took Ivermectin on an empty stomach (reduces transportation into bloodstream)

  • CDC does not list death, disability, excessive miscarriage rates, heart attacks, stroke, inability to walk, talk, or see, etc. on its side effects page link

  • VAERS reporting has had over 200k reports removed without explanation (they were not dupes)

    • The system in itself is incredibly opaque